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Since our beginning in 1961, Galbraith Construction Ltd. has proven that they have the ability, resources, and expertise to deliver the highest standard of service on a wide range of heavy civil projects. We have a strong management team, as well as proven procedures that have enabled us to safely deliver projects on time and within budget.
See below for several of our most memorable projects, as well as an update to our current services, and an introduction as to what new and exciting services we now offer.
Lancaster Sewage Lagoon


In 1966, Galbraith Construction Ltd. completed their first major project: the construction of the Lancaster Sewage Lagoon.

Colson Cove Sitework


Galbraith Construction Ltd. was heavily involved in the site work for the Colson Cove power generating station.

Barrack Point Potash Terminal


From 1983-1984, Galbraith Construction Ltd. completed the infill sitework for the second Potash Terminal at the South End Potash Terminal. The project, which required extensive coordination with the tides, involved extending the land into the harbour through the installation of a breakwater.

Harbour Station Sitework


Galbraith Construction Ltd. was heavily involved with the sitework for Harbour Station.

North End Trunk Sewer Emergency Repair


Following the collapse of the north-end trunk sewer in 1992, Galbraith Construction Ltd. completed an emergency repair on the 8ft box culvert. The repair required innovative use of readily available materials to have the sewer fully functioning as soon as possible.

Twinning of Route 1
1993 - 1997


Galbraith Construction Ltd. played an active role in the twinning of Route 1 at Prince of Whales.

Saint John General Hospital Demolition
December 1995


In December 1995, Galbraith Construction Ltd. demolished the Saint John General Hospital. The hospital was successfully demolished by a controlled implosion and the debris was removed.

Crown Street Slope Rehabilitation


Galbraith Construction Ltd. completed the Slope Rehabilitation project on Crown Street. The project involved the installation of geogrid fabrics and gabion walls to stabilize the steep slopes along the railway tracks.

Crane Mountain Transfer Station Design-Build-Operate Project


In 1997, Galbraith Construction Ltd. designed, constructed and operated a temporary transfer station of sufficient size to handle the waste generated by the City of Saint John and surrounding areas until the new Crane Mountain Landfill was constructed.

Water Street Reconstruction


Galbraith Construction Ltd. was the general contractor for the Water Street Reconstruction project. The project involved the complete street reconstruction including concrete curb, sidewalk, and brick paver installation. Galbraith Construction successfully completed the project in a timely manner and with minimal impact to surrounding businesses and visiting tourists.

Saint John Harbour Bridge Toll Plaza Demolition and Approach Realignment


Galbraith Construction Ltd. demolished the toll plaza at the Saint John Harbour Bridge and realigned the approach at the west-end of the bridge.


Saint John Harbour Clean-up Project
2011 - 2013


Galbraith Construction Ltd. has played an active role in the Saint John Harbour Clean-up Project. Throughout the project, Galbraith Construction Ltd. successfully installed numerous sanitary sewer lift stations throughout the City of Saint John as well as installed new sanitary sewer mains and forcemains to allow the separation of storm and sanitary sewers.

One-Mile Interchange


In 2013, Galbraith Construction Ltd. was contracted to complete the pipework for the One-Mile Interchange project. The project involved the complete reconfiguration of Russell Street and Atlantic Avenue as well as the installation of both sanitary sewer and 600mm water transmission mains.

Honeysuckle/Sherbrooke Drainage Basin Storm Sewer Improvements Phase 2


Galbraith Construction Ltd. successfully installed the underground storm water retention structure on Sherbrooke Street designed to alleviate the flooding in Honeysuckle Drive and surrounding areas. 

Various major water and sewer main upgrade projects and street reconstruction projects
2000 - Present


For over two decades, Galbraith Construction Ltd. has completed a wide variety of water and sewer main upgrade projects as well as complete street reconstruction projects throughout the City of Saint John and the surrounding areas.

Residential and Commercial Building Construction
2006 - 2020


For over a decade, Galbraith Construction Ltd. has constructed townhouse subdivisions and also has taken on other residential and commercial building projects.

Concrete Work
2017 - Present


In 2017, Galbraith Construction Ltd. expanded by offering concrete sidewalk and curb installation services. We have currently completed numerous municipal projects in Saint John, Rothesay and surrounding areas, which involved the installation of concrete curb, sidewalk, pads, walkways and crosswalks.

Asphalt Paving
2018 - Present


In 2018, Galbraith Construction Ltd. established the crew and equipment to offer full asphalt paving services. This division is readily equipped to provide asphalt installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial paving projects in Saint John and surrounding areas. Our services include: commercial paving, residential paving, milling, asphalt resurfacing, and asphalt patching.

City of Saint John Asphalt Resurfacing


Following an expansion of services to include asphalt paving, Galbraith Construction Ltd. was awarded the City of Saint John Asphalt Resurfacing contract in April of 2019. The work included the resurfacing of 36 streets, as well as the installation of curb and sidewalk on over 15 street segments. Moreover, we were able to pave additional streets that were added by the City over the course of the 2019 paving season, and still obtained Substantial Completion by October 24, 2019.

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